Blasphemer – The Sixth Hour

Release date: 24 January, 2020

Label: Candlelight Records

Release type: Full-length

Best track: Hail, King Of The Jews!

The Sixth Hour is a mystical religious experience that somehow could have only been bred in a deeply devout country like Italy.

Blasphemer’s take on the via crucis (Stations of the Cross) is a brutal, technical and profoundly religious homage to 90’s Death Metal. The descent towards the end (you know how it ends, right?) is relentless, passionate and ferocious while still being extremely precise. Not one note or beat in the whole album is left to chance.

A crisp and clean production (unlike what I remember of a lot of 90’s DM) allow the superbly technical side of the band to emerge without crossing into sterile virtuosity.

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