Front – Antichrist Militia

Release date: 05 June, 2020

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Release type: EP

Best track: Antichrist Militia

Antichrist Militia is a damn fun record. Yeah, we’re talking blackened death bordering on war metal, but hell… it’s so intensely fun. The sleazy machismo of a drunk biker gang declaring war on Christendom kind of fun.

Front produce a compact machine gun fire barrage of riffs and blast beats but with a keen eye for groove and rock’n’roll grease. Imagine Blasphemy covering The Mentors. It may sound like madness (and it is) but not only does it work, it’s a headbanging bombardment. Front run a tight ship and there’s not time for slowing down, just 22 minutes of pure tongue-in-cheek armageddon.

Notably, the band have payed homage to Lemmy in the form of Iron Front, third track on the album, a nice little war hymn for the R’n’R legend.

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