Heinous/Fluids – Snuffed/Torture Euphoric

Release date: 29 May, 2020

Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Release type: Split

Best track: Mortuary/Chunked

An abhorrent merger only someone amongst the most depraved could conjure. A slimy, foul split from two underground behemoths that will give plenty to relish in.

Heinous kicks off the split with their rancid grind-y offering. Their style reminds me of a slightly slower Haemorrhage in their best days with a dash of Cock and Ball Torture. A wonderfully sordid trip down a valley of severed body parts, maniacal butchering and a general snuff vhs vibe.

Both of the Fluids tracks made it on to their Ignorance Exalted full length, though the juxtaposition with Heinous adds a certain freshness and new vibrance to the re-listen. Nice buzzsaw guitars and a wonderful crescendo in Chunked made me jump back to their LP to rekindle a 2020 Death Metal monument.

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