Bongripper – Glaciers

Release date: 01 May, 2020

Label: Self Released

Release type: EP

Best track: Evil

As I was drifting through anguish and despair i stumbled on this pitch black obsidian stone. There it was, still and silent, Glaciers. Silent as long as you’re not touching it.

In a moment what was clear and light, succumbed to blackness and oblivion. People screaming, tore apart by blasted curses, worse, by the thoughts regarding death by Death itself. A hole that digs deeper AND deeper into DARKNESS and EVIL.

If you previously had no idea of what trespassing the mortal veil could look like, here you are; entering the realms of undeath to reach a final rest. You will soon realize, there is none such rest.

This profound oniric journey through death and cold, piercing suicidal mourns is what you would expect from Bongripper but not in this pure form of ambient-drone-ish poetry.

Still, if you have banged to their tracks in the past, now you will definitely still bang, just with added horror. NOW you know a fiend is always just around the corner.

The only way to deal with it is smoking blunts and worshipping his majesty the Lightbringer.

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