Saturno – Menhir

Release date: 30 May, 2020

Label: Self Released

Release type: Full-length

Best track: Saturno

Menhir feels like hiding in the high grass and witnessing an ancient evocation. A tingling, creepy sensation of being present at something that should not be.

There’s something feral in Saturno’s sound, a savage and primeval knowledge lost to modern man. The thundering vocals have a shamanic vibe that guide you through a land of forgotten tribal lore, while rhythms of primitive rituals echo in the background of every note.

The pace, big riffs and beautifully arranged tapestry woven by the guitars place the album on the Doom shelf, but Saturno shine as well when picking up the pace. Dark and evil flourishes hide in between riffs, endowing the record with a distinctly malevolent hue. A wonderful little gem that will leave you wanting for more.

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