Gravesend – Preparations for Human Disposal

Release date: 05 June, 2020

Label: Stygian Black Hand

Release type: Full-length

Best track: Methods of Human Disposal

This album reeks of raw sewage. But not just any normal, run of the mill sewage. We have been gifted with New York’s finest, slimiest, back alley drain sewer stank you can humanly conjure.

A compact release (14 minutes for 8 tracks) of depressingly good Death metal with a Blackened overcoat. If it weren’t so inherently connected to its urban roots, you could almost describe it as cavernous. So we’ll go with septic. Two marvelously 80s sounding synths pieces act as bookends, as if setting a stage for the depressing spectacle to come.

Preparations of Human Disposal is rooted in the dismal day to day. There’s nothing inherently evil in Gravesend’s universe: it just is like it is, in all its dreary grimness. It’s living day to day seeing shiny skyscrapers next to seedy back-alleys, junkies and suits, rats and kid parks. It’s seeing a floater in the Hudson river and feeling hopelessly numb. It’s the city at its best and at its worst, side by side.

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